Sanjay Karate Schools India​


Corporate Training Affiliates

   Cognizant Technology Solutions

   S.Q.U.A.T.S. Fitness Co. 

   J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. 


Community Programs 

   Hartford Vermont Parks and Recreation Department the USA

School Affiliates


  • Buds n Blooms Hyderabad, India

  • Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyanikethan, India

International NGO Affiliates

  • International Alliance of Guardian Angels (making the world the safer place)

  • India Literacy Project (helping Govt.School's Children in studies)

  • Robin Hood Army, India (helping hunger of India)

  • Sai Nethra Foundation  (support Visually Challenged)

  • Shaheen Group (helping women become safe & empowered)

  • Sakina Foundation (Peace, Prosperity & Happiness programs in India)


Cognizant Self Defence and Personal Safety Program

Annual Day, Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyanikethan School

Hartford Vermont Parks & Recreation Department Martial Arts Program

Guardian Angels, Hyderabad, India 

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