Shihan Mayfield began his Japanese martial arts training in judo at the age of 6. At the age of 15 he began to study Hakko-ryu jujutsu and in 1974 began his Aikido studies. In 1982 he began his studies with Shizuya Sato in Nihon Jujutsu.

Nihon AikiJujutsu is a modern system of self-defense and physical exercise based on techniques commonly found in ancient and contemporary styles of armed and unarmed combat. Regular training includes physical conditioning, evasive movements, striking, throwing and immobilization (joint locks and other methods of restraint). The training employs a systematic approach to self-defense that effectively develops speed, balance and power through graduated exercises. 

The philosophy of Nihon AikiJujutsu is to develop the individual in both mind and body through daily practice focused on achieving balance and peace. Physical balance is enhanced through regular training, while the philosophy dictates that all means of self-defense must be used in socially responsible ways. Thus, specific measures exploit anatomical weak points, allowing for a response appropriate to the circumstances, and are designed to control an assailant with a minimum of injury. 


The following world-renown Japanese martial artists influenced or directly contributed to the development of Nihon AikiJujutsu:

  • Shizuya Sato (1929-2011) Founder of Nihon Jujutsu, Chief Director of the Kokusai Budoin, Nihon Jujutsu Meijin 10 Dan,  Judo Hanshi 9 Dan

  • Mutsuro Nakazono (1918-1994) Founder Kotodama Aikido, Aikido 7th Dan, Judo 6th Dan

  • Gozo Shiyoda (1915-1994) Founder Yoshikan Aikido, Aikido Meijin 10th Dan

  • Walter Todd (1927 - 1999) Founder of Sudokan Budo, Karatedo 8th Dan, Judo 8th Dan, Aikido 6th Dan

  • Kuniyuki Kai (1943) Founder Nippon Budoin Seibukan, Hanshi 10th Dan Karatedo, Hanshi 9th Dan Aikido, Hanshi 9th Dan Iaido 

  • Mitsugi Saotome (1937) Founder Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, Aikido Hanshi 10th Dan

  • Takemusu Tomita (1942) Hanshi 8th Dan Aikido

  • Jun Osano (1959) Founder Suigetsu Bujutsu Association, 8th Dan Nihon Jujutsu 


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